Christmas All My Life

Dear Santa,

My name is Jessica and I am eleven years old. I am writing to you to tell you what I want for Christmas.

I don’t want toys. Mommy and Daddy buy me lots of toys. I don’t want clothes. Gramma always gets me clothes. I don’t want books. We go to the library once a week, and I am scared if I have too many books, Mommy won’t drop me off at the library anymore. I like the librarians. They are nice.

All I want for Christmas is a friend. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I get lonely a lot.

Hope you have a merry Christmas.




Dear Jessica,

I don’t normally write back to Christmas list letters, but you are a very special girl. I wanted to make sure you got your Christmas wish, so as my gift to you, I will be your pen pal. Please write to me whenever you are feeling lonely.


Santa (more…)

Help My Elf

Please, Please, Please Help My Elf

This project is fully-funded.

Amount requested: $100

Amount raised: $1,225.18

Backers: 1

Hello and welcome to my Crowdfunder. My name is Bethany and I am asking for between a hundred and two hundred dollars to help my elf.

Every year in December my elf, Mr. Sparkles, comes to my house all the way from the North Pole. Mom says that he comes to tell on me to Santa if I’m naughty, but Mr. Sparkles is a naughty elf, himself. He poops chocolate kisses on our mantle piece every year and one time I found him hanging from our ceiling fan all wrapped up in Christmas ribbon! Ha! I’ve tried to tell him that he needs to be nicer, but Mom yells at me if I talk to Mr. Sparkles too much. She says that I don’t have time to play silly games.

This year, Mr. Sparkles didn’t show up at my house. Mom told me that he probably got into trouble at the North Pole and can’t get here this year. She also told me that I shouldn’t worry about it. And she told me that worrying about elves is silly. And she told me that he’s probably just lost in a box somewhere upstairs, but I don’t think that one is possible. He got stuck in a jar one year, but I’ve never seen Mr. Sparkles in a box, ever. And she told me that if I wanted my damn elf so bad I should just go find him. So I’m going to.

I read a book once on polar explorers and I know that it requires a lot of funding, which Mom says means money. I already have the sled. My dog Scotty will come with me. I have a backpack and a good coat and I can make my own sandwiches to pack as long as they’re peanut butter or cheese. I just need the funding for my journey.

Risks: It will be very cold and I might miss my toys and friends.

Deadline: December 21 so I have time to get to the North Pole and back before Christmas so I can open my presents on Christmas morning.

One comment:


Dearest Bethany. Mister Sparkles misses you. Head north. Watch for the reindeer. They’re on their way for you. Merry Christmas.

(22) Missed Calls

John 12/13/2018 22:34:07 – Hey, honey. Do you need me to pick up anything else while I’m at the store?

Lira 12/13/2018 22:37:24 – Milk, tylenol, salt (for the steps). <3

John 12/13/2018 23:02:18 – On my way home. See you in a few.

Lira 12/13/2018 23:03:33 – Okay. Drive safe. (more…)

A Sticky Exchange

Hot pink post-it, found on fridge, 7am: Stop drinking my blood

Light blue post-it, found on fridge, 9pm: Gross, I would never!

Hot pink post-it, found on fridge, 10pm: I know it was you

Light blue post-it, found on fridge, 11pm: I don’t even drink blood

Hot pink post-it, found on bedroom door, 2am: Did you invite another one in? We talked about this!!

Light blue post-it, found on bedroom door, just before dawn: I’m not stupid. Maybe you invited them in.

Slightly singed hot pink post-it, found on bedroom door, 6:45am: You know I can’t do that (more…)

December Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

This year is drawing to a close, and we’re celebrating our third full year of fiction here at the Confabulator Cafe. Thank you so much for joining us each month, reader. Your support means a great deal.

We already have our prompts for next year, which you can get a sneak peek for by visiting the Fiction Archive page. Make note of those months you’d really like to read so you’re sure to come check us out.

For this month, the last month of the year, we tasked the Confabulators to write letters. Tis the season, after all! The only requirement for this month’s prompt was that the story had to be told in epistolary format (the entirety of the story told in correspondence back and forth). We hope you’ll enjoy this slightly different format (although we have had a brave Confabulator do it once before!).

Here is the schedule for December:

Friday, December 7: “A Sticky Exchange” by Eliza Jaquays
Friday, December 14: “(22) Missed Calls” by Kita Haliwell
Friday, December 21: “Help My Elf” by Dianne Williams
Friday, December 28: “Christmas All My Life” by Sara Lundberg