NaNoWriMo Standings – Final Tally

It’s December 1, and that means it’s over. We are finally finished (for better or worse) with  National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

So let’s take a moment and look at the final tallies of those who participated. We had a lot of winners, and even those who didn’t hit 50,000 words should be proud of what writing they did finish. Every word is a victory.

As of last night at midnight, here are our final standings. We’ve also asked our Confabulator Cafe writers to include either their last line, the last line they wrote, or just a really good line.

Jessi Levine (58,381 words)

Ashley M. Poland (55,339 words)

Christie Holland (53,308 words) — Municipal Liaison

Paul Swearingen (53,075 words)

Ted Boone (52,341 words)

Some people can’t be helped. They can’t escape their demons, their addictions, their needs and desires that society deems unhealthy or inappropriate. Some people never fit in.

Jason Arnett (50,532 words)

Not the actual last line of the book, but the last line I’ve written:

Blood dripped off the heel of the hand and Albert had to be grateful he couldn’t feel what must have been tremendous pain.

Aspen Junge (50,325 words)

Sara Lundberg (50,198 words) — Municipal Liaison

R.L. Naquin (50,009 words)

Alma reappeared, looking flushed and excited. “Wonderful. Let’s begin!” Her eyes had a generous dose of crazy swirling around in them, and I worried she might pee herself in front of everyone. I kind of felt bad, in a way. She was such a pain in the ass, but she had no real idea of what she’d gotten herself into. And odds were excellent that I was about to ruin it all for her.

I liked it better when I hated her. Feeling pity made my teeth hurt.

Larry Jenkins (40,324 words)

Idle hands may be the devil’s playground, but Nadine’s activities didn’t exactly speak to her virtues.

Kevin Wohler (26,535 words)

The Rat King began to laugh again, a helium-filled laugh that made me think of a cartoon more than a flesh and blood creature. I could see Abby continue to struggle, but his claw dug into her arm and held her tighter. I noticed that she was getting more and more agitated by the second, and as she struggled the scepter began to pulsate with energy.

Jack Campbell, Jr. (25,651 words)

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