Obstacle Course (Week of 23 April 2012)

In life there are thousands of obstacles that can run a writer’s best laid plans aground: meetings, power outages, illness, you know, the Sudden Things. Then there are the Things that we know about, the Potential Things: families, work, friends, pets, school. All these Things are somehow accounted for and yet we know that they’ll make us miss our writing time if we let them.

Here at the Cafe, we do our best to cope with those Things. The best laid plans and better mousetraps and all the cliches that go along with the platitudes about the difficulties of life are part of the everyday for writers. This week the Confabulators are going to tell us how they deal with these things, how they overcome the problems that pop up to keep them from writing. These are many and varied and you may be surprised at what we say.

So here’s your table. We’ll take your order when you’re ready. In the meantime, read up on our ideas of how life gets in the way of creating stories to keep you entertained.


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