November Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

In my experience, couch cushions are greedy things that pickpocket us while we’re sitting on them. Coins, socks, remote controls, food crumbs all seem to end up deep within the cracks of comfortable (or in some cases, not-so-comfortable) couches. Sometimes, though, the couch gives things back.

Our prompt for this month is “We found the lost ___ in the couch cushions.” Let’s see what the Confabulators found.

We’ll have stories every Thursday except for Thanksgiving. Couches don’t return things on holidays.

Here’s the November schedule:

Thursday, November 8: “Living Room Moon” by Emily Mosher
Thursday, November 15: “Spelunking” by Dianne Williams
Thursday, November 29: “A Matter of Time” by Sara Lundberg

Cafe Management is run by the administration of The Confabulator Cafe. We keep things running smoothly, post stories by guest authors, and manage other boring back-end tasks.


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