February Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

Welcome back to the Confabulator Cafe, my friends! After a month off, we’re back and feeling refreshed. We hope you’re ready for another year of original, free stories. We even have a new guest contributor, so please welcome Kita Haliwell to the lineup this month!

Have you ever found yourself in a circumstance that led you to befriend someone you might not have otherwise? Hit it off with someone you never thought you would? The Confabulators toyed with this idea for this month’s prompt: an unlikely friendship.

We hope you’ll join us each week this month for fresh, new fiction. Here’s the schedule for the month of February:

Friday, February 3: “Blood is Thicker than Water” by Isabel Nee
Tuesday, February 7: “The Dragon’s Lost Library” by Sara Lundberg
Tuesday, February 14: “Betting it All” by Amanda Hadley
Tuesday, February 21: “Dolphin” by Emily Mosher
Tuesday, February 28: “Rocky Start” by Kita Haliwell

Cafe Management is run by the administration of The Confabulator Cafe. We keep things running smoothly, post stories by guest authors, and manage other boring back-end tasks.


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