EXHIBIT A. Transcription of Subject’s Yellow Post-It Notes

Dear Tag,

I bought a ficus. I thought it might cheer things up around here. Please remember to water it. I cleaned up the spilled beer in the refrigerator. Please be more careful. It got on the strawberries.



The ficus is dead. Not sure what happened, but that thing is shit brown and crispy. I puked behind the couch. Couldn’t make it to the bathroom. I must be coming down with something. We’re out of beer.


Dear Tag,

The ficus smells like urine. I threw it out, pot and all. I cleaned up the vomit. I don’t think we need any more beer.



I may have pissed in the ficus. I snagged some beer and a bottle of Jack. You’re welcome to a brew, but don’t touch my bourbon.

P.S. Don’t go to the Liquor Mart on 3rd. Ever. Cash for rent is attached.


Dear Tag,

Did you move my grandpa’s service pistol? I can’t find it anywhere. I cleaned up the urine on the bathroom floor. At least you used the correct room.



Fuck you.


Dear Tag,

I met the most amazing woman today. Beautiful, but shy. When she blushes it’s like the warmth of the summer sun. If she calls, please tell her I will call her back.



Jenny stopped by. Not very friendly. She said she doesn’t want to see you ever again. Bitch.


Dear Tag,

What happened? I went to Jenny’s to try to talk to her. She wouldn’t stop crying and threatened to call the police.

P.S. Throw away your condoms. Vomit and urine are one thing, THAT is another entirely.



Don’t worry about Jenny. I broke it. I’ll fix it.


Dear Tag,

Don’t talk to Jenny. I’ll try to call her in a few days.



We both know you are lying.


Dear Tag,

It’s my problem.



Your problems are my problems.


Dear Tag

Please, you’ve done enough.



Bullshit. I haven’t even started.


Dear Tag,

My car is missing. Did you get drunk and leave it somewhere again? I cleaned up the blood in the shower. Don’t shave in there.


Dear Tag,

You didn’t leave me a note last week. The police found my car. Someone burned it.


Dear Tag,

Still no note. I called Jenny. She didn’t answer.


Dear Tag,

No note. I thought we had an agreement. A note every Sunday. Still no call from Jenny.


Dear Tag,

The police were here. Jenny is missing…


Dear Tag,



EXHIBIT B:  Transcript of Interview with Theodore Allan Godfrey

DETECTIVE: Theodore, you’ve been advised of your rights. Do you know why I asked you here today?

GODFREY: You are looking for Jenny Mitchell.

DETECTIVE: When was the last time you saw Jenny?

GODFREY: The library on the day we met. She picked up a Clive Barker novel, The Hellbound Heart. I told her it was a good one.

DETECTIVE: Were you ever in her apartment?


DETECTIVE: What would you say if I told you your DNA was found there?

GODFREY: I would wonder where you got my DNA.

DETECTIVE: We took a sample from your trash. A Kleenex, and a bunch of Post-Its.

GODFREY: I would like my attorney.

DETECTIVE: Who is Tag?



EXHIBIT C: Preliminary Lab Results Regarding Evidence Seized from 1311 Douglas Ave.

All items showed consistent in latent fingerprints, DNA, and trace with the suspect, Theodore Allan Godfrey. Preliminary examination of hair and fibers show consistency with standards from known samples of the victim, Jennifer Rebecca Mitchell. Traces of human blood, DNA match to the victim, Jennifer Rebecca Mitchell, found upon blue bath towel, monogrammed T.A.G.


Jack Campbell, Jr. is a dark fiction writer in Lawrence, KS. His writing has appeared in various venues including Twenty 3 Magazine, Danse Macabre, and Insomnia Press. He writes about reading, writing, and life on his blog at www.jackcampbelljr.com.


  • HOLY CRAP goosebumps. I loved the format of this story, it was very different which made it very interesting. Right away we know something has gone wrong because we are looking at evidence samples, but you managed to build tension even through just the post-it note exchange. I also appreciate not being hit over the head with the reveal at the end. It was subtle but clear. It came together beautifully (albeit horrifically). Well done, as always.

  • Thanks. I was nervous about this one. The format kept me from really feeling it. I wasn’t sure how it would come out.

  • Emily says:

    This was really cool! I think the format worked well. I thought it was a couple of roommates fighting via passive aggressive post-it notes at first. It got so sinister.

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