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Ever wonder what a writer’s workspace looks like? That place where all of that creation happens? Where we concoct plots and meddle with character’s lives, the space where we spend hours of our time as our stories unfold? This week we asked the Confabulators to reveal their writing space to our readers. Below you will discover where the magic takes place. If you are brave enough to learn.

Muriel Green

I always carry a notebook around with me because I write first drafts longhand. So my writing space is wherever I am.

 Jack Campbell, Jr.

This is “The Dungeon.” No windows, no television, no radio. Cold concrete floors, a few hundred books, a small desk, and my NEO or laptop. The whiteboard tracks whatever I currently have submitted. Otherwise, I write a lot of places. I am pretty portable.

Kevin Wohler

My writing space is wherever I make it. Sometimes it’s at my desk at work, while I eat my lunch. Or it may be in my home office, when my desk is clean enough to actually use. But most of the time, my writing space is a corner of the couch with my laptop on my lap.

R.L. Naquin

I have an office upstairs. I never really used it, and now my daughter is living in it. In preparation of having both kids back home, I’ve carved out a small space for myself in the bedroom — just a table and a kitchen chair, but they face a window. Really that’s all I need, as long as my laptop goes with me. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve been working from the couch for months now. A more formal space will probably do me good.

Jason Arnett

Pretty much wherever I land is my writing space. I’m retooling my home office so I can use it more effectively, but as long as I have a computer and some flat area like a table or my lap, my writing space is wherever I am. That said, the space that really matters is in my head and that requires being able to tap into writer energy we all need to tell stories.


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