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NaNoWriMo #6 part 5

So this is the fifth and (almost) final post about NaNoWriMo for me this year. I won as I noted last week. I’m over 60,000 words for the month and I’m happy with that. The book is about 60% finished and I know what’s happening next and what happens after that. I know the end. […]

Sitting Pretty in the Winner’s Circle

Crap. This is going up pretty late. Sorry guys. But hey, I had a valid reason for forgetting. Okay. I lied. Basically, I “won” on Saturday and now words are a thing other people do. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of how you are supposed to treat NaNo. Learn from me. Don’t give […]

NaNoWriMo #6 part 4

So as of this morning I’m a certified ‘winner’ of NaNoWriMo for the sixth time. Yay me. Really, I’m proud that I’ve done it. Again. I just wish there hadn’t been something that happened on Friday night that kind of made me struggle through the weekend and thus unable to post on Saturday like I’d […]