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Looking for a Christmas Drinking Buddy

Merry Christmas? Why the hell are you reading this? Go spend time with your family! Unless you’re like me and alone for the holidays. Wow. That was depressing. Sorry. But then, if you’re sneaking on the internet when you should be having Christmas brunch with your parents, you deserve it. If you’re sitting by yourself, […]

Seriously, Try This at Home

Sometimes external influences are awesome for writing. Sometimes they’re really not. Sometimes only in moderation. There are three things that do wonders for my writing ability when consumed in moderation:  caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Of those three, caffeine has the most positive effect on me… it is also what I can have the most of […]


Just as writers get ideas from all around us, we also are influenced by everything we come into contact with. I dedicated a portion of my own personal blog entries to this phenomenon, which I affectionately call the Input/Output modes. Anything we take in inevitably affects what comes out. As a writer, I talk a […]