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A System of Belief

I believe in The Line. When humans first demarcated space they started telling stories. “Yours,” pointing to one side of a Line drawn in the dirt with a finger or a stick; “Mine,” pointing to the other side. Humans have evolved the line as they themselves have evolved, using it to define shapes of animals […]

The Effective Intertext

In teacher training classes, once we had to make a visual map of “A Day in the Literate Life.” The instructor intended us to examine all the literary tasks we performed each day, the better to understand the types of reading and writing we (and our students in the future) must be able to process. […]

{Insert Clever Title Here}

Wasn’t sure how to approach this week’s assignment, so I went for simple: here’s a brief history of my writing experience. Years ago during a drive back home from graduate school with my then girlfriend (and now wife) to visit my parents, I took some NoDoz. I’d never taken any kind of anti-drowsy medication before, […]

Take My Hand — We’re Going Elsewhere

It would be easy for me to tell you that I write because I have to — that it’s in my blood and my heart, and I can’t help myself. That wouldn’t be true, exactly. I make up stories because I don’t know how not to. When I was a little girl, I told myself […]