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Untitled (flash fiction)

The server placed Melinda’s stack of strawberry and banana pancakes— with extra fruit and whipped cream— in front of her, and she prepared to dig in. “So what happened with Ryan last night?” Bella wanted to know from behind her own stack of cheesecake pancakes. “Well, I had called him to come over and help […]

Will Write for Cash

Within the cozy, virtual walls of the Confabulator Café, I write whatever genre takes my fancy. The monthly writing prompts let my imagination grab whatever idea floats by on the wind, and I can fly off wherever it takes me. I push myself to come up with something different whenever possible. This is a playground. […]

What Genre is This?

To be completely honest, I never really thought much about genre before about three years ago. I had little interest in publication (at least not serious interest), so it didn’t matter how to categorize it. I wrote what I wanted to read. I still do that, to an extent. I write what moves me. When […]