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Sometimes Complexity is Not Your Friend

In technical writing you want to avoid writing complexity. Narratives should be as clean and straightforward as possible, without leaving out any important information. Clean and straightforward is particularly important when addressing complicated topics. Think how a reader approaches a manual or a report. A very few will read it from front to back. The […]

Establishing Trust

In technical writing, there is really only one useful point of view, that of Godlike Omniscience. The tech writer’s challenge is to present information that can be complicated, confusing, incomplete, and flat-out tedious to the reader in a way that supports decision making. Furthermore, the information has to be structured in a way that makes […]

It’s the Data, Stupid!

The coolest thing about being a non-fiction writer is all the research I get to do. I love being a lifetime learner; it’s like I’m getting paid to grow a little smarter every day. When I’ve done my research, when I’m confident of my facts and my references, and the story has revealed itself to […]

On Building Trust With Your Words.

All week we here at the Cafe have been discussing how to reveal character through language. Put yourself in the reader’s mind. What should the reader be told, what should the reader be allowed to infer, and what should the reader be assumed to know? A technical writer must also ask those questions, not to […]