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Out of the Box

I’ve never been one to go with what’s necessarily popular or even mainstream. I like my entertainments to challenge me a little bit, to be outside my comfort zone. That’s weird, I think. At least it’s weird to the thinking of the rest of the world. Well, that and the fact that I want to […]

Reverse Psychology in Literature

There will always be taboos in society and culture, even in literature. And because there will always be taboos, people will always try to challenge them. Sometimes I wonder if taboos aren’t created just so there can be radicals to toe that line. What is considered taboo today, I have no idea, but I’m sure […]

The danger of ideas

I’ve seen both sides of the argument. Censorship isn’t a popular topic among writers, but I understand why some people feel justified in trying to protect their children, their families, and their communities from ideas that are not their own. Ideas are very powerful things. And when ideas conflict with our personal beliefs, our instinct […]

Banned and Dangerous

“I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it.” – Mae West Literature has been a flashpoint for centuries. Every generation of every society had problems with certain literature. Books have pushed thought and idea to their breaking point. That is what literature is really about. It’s about exposing the dark underbelly of […]