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What if My Life Is Somebody Else’s Subplot?

They say we’re all the lead characters in our own stories. But what about other people’s stories? I have this horrible feeling — now and then — that I’m not a main character at all. I’m just a minor character (comic relief, perhaps), and my life is a subplot in the story of someone I […]

Now Boarding: Subplots

If a story is a train track, a subplot is the trestle. The main plot takes you where you need to go, from point A to point B and all destinations in between. But without the subplots, it would never make it over the valleys that inevitably manifest during a story arc. Some people define […]

Diving into Subplots (Week Ending July 14)

Last week the Cafe heated up (perhaps because it was so hot outside) with a debate about that old nemesis of writers everywhere: writer’s block. This week shouldn’t be as contentious, as we take the Cafe regulars into a discussion of basic writing mechanics to tackle subplots. We all know a good subplot to a […]