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I held still. The forest all around me soughed with the gentle breeze and I closed my eyes and listened to the symphony of oaks and maples and larch and locust and poplar. Each leaf gave an individual sound, the wind breaking through the different shapes and sizes and positions. I understood the complexities of […]

The Builders

I wish I’d never seen the things. I wish I’d never gotten into this business. Now it’s too late.   “You ready for this?” Martin said. (I won’t use any last names. I can’t bring myself to rat out my friends.) He had his hand on the doorknob and he looked dead serious. “Once you […]


“This is beyond unorthodox.” The seller’s agent shook his head but didn’t unlock the front door of the house. “Gerry, I know,” the buyer’s agent said. Her blond hair blew across her face and she brushed it away. “I’ve never had anyone do this. I hope it’s not a trend.” “You know what it is? […]

Four Shots

Dining Room, Storm Shelter – 2000 At midnight I head down to the dining room for a cup of tea. My textbooks are still piled in the corner of the dining room table, my notebook open. I tighten my robe around my waist before I sit down and curl my legs up under me. I […]