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Stories Are A Luxury

My writer friends may take exception with this, but I don’t think the world needs stories. Stories are a luxury. This idea that stories (and any other form of art) are somehow a necessity is false. It’s a notion that we artistic types often perpetuate because we’re trying to assuage our own insecurity about the […]

Do We Need Stories? (Week of February 3)

Imagine ancient man, sitting at a campfire with his family and friends. It doesn’t take much imagination to consider what happened next. He started telling a story. Whether it was a recounting of the days hunt, or a wish for a plentiful summer, it is highly likely that early man told stories. And we still […]

When Subplots Go Bad

Your mileage is going to vary when it comes to subplots. I feel like authors who can handle large casts of characters, or who write long-running series, or both, have a greater license with subplot. They can weave them through several stories, and slide them in more carefully. For me as a writer, subplot is […]

Blocking the Action

Writer’s Block is the invention of a scribe who couldn’t turn an assignment in on time, who had too many other things on his mind (yeah it was a man who invented the cop-out, go figure), or was just plain lazy. Well, maybe not. Maybe being blocked is real. Maybe. But there are ways around […]

It’s the Data, Stupid!

The coolest thing about being a non-fiction writer is all the research I get to do. I love being a lifetime learner; it’s like I’m getting paid to grow a little smarter every day. When I’ve done my research, when I’m confident of my facts and my references, and the story has revealed itself to […]