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POV Corrupts

Here’s my new saying: “POV corrupts. Omniscient POV corrupts absolutely.” Alright, I’m butchering the popular euphemism about power and corruption, but I think I can use my new quote to make a fair point. Bear with me. When writing fiction, I only have a few choices for point of view. I’m going to ignore the […]

Show and Tell on a Dark and Stormy Night

There’s a reason we hear “show, don’t tell” all the way back to elementary school. It’s sound advice. It’s the bedrock of a good story. It’s not just a good idea—it’s the law. Despite being repeated forever, the advice isn’t entirely clear, especially to early writers. In fact, the advice is very “telly” and not […]

Handing Over the Keys

“All meanings, we know, rely on the key of interpretation.” – George Eliot The axiom in writing is always “show, don’t tell.” With due respect to the originator, sometimes in writing, you should tell. In fact, that is one of the advantages of prose over screenwriting. In screenwriting, you are forced to show out of […]