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NaNoWriMo #6 part 3

Hello again. Here we are, having survived the dread week two of National Novel Writing Month and deep in the mushy middle of the book I’m writing. As I type I’m 35,000+ words into the book, which is planned for 100,000 or so words. The first third is behind me and I’m still liking the […]

An Idea of an Idea

The ideas I actually end up seeing through are the ones that come to me in a flash and leave me quivering with excitement. The ideas that won’t let me sleep until I’ve started them. The ideas that force me from the shower still half covered in soap so that I can begin writing. Those […]

Spicing with Subplots

Plots are quite pleasant for novel readers and even more pleasant for novelists, providing a structure for the writing and all that jazz.  But subplots are the sugar and spice.  As a writer, I don’t enjoy the main plot so much–once I’ve constructed the gist of the book, it’s difficult to change, and that element […]