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The Brave New Publishing World

We stand on the edge of uncertainty. Publishing is changing, and for writers, that might as well be the apocalypse. The publishing industry as we know it is dissolving. The big publishers are merging, self-publishing and independent publishing have never had easier means of distribution. The writing world has changed. We should have known. It […]

Self-publication for Professionals

Everything I have ever written for money has been self-published, one way or another, but then the economics of copywriting-for-hire are not nearly the same as commercial fiction. The first book I ever wrote was “published” via a photocopier and a stack of three-ring binders [0].  This was back in the early 1990s, when desktop […]


I’ve e-published six YA novels myself so far. I’ve purchased a few printed self-published books and downloaded several e-books. And my thoughts as I read most of the self-published books ran mostly to ‘hasn’t this writer ever heard of editing?’ At the bottom end, many e-books are simply gawdawful (and I’m not talking about 2,000-word […]

Too Vain for Vanity

Growing up, the only form of self-publishing I was aware of was vanity publishing and that only because it was the route my great-grandfather had taken. Up until very recently, whenever I thought of self-publishing my immediate thought was, “You mean I have to pay someone to publish my work?” After all, wasn’t the whole […]