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There’s supposed to be a rush of euphoria. His heart should begin to beat faster. Abram sighs and turns the infant’s metal skeleton over in his hands, waiting for something. Maybe after he adds the muscles and skin, he’ll feel it. He reviews the video again, for what must be the hundredth time. There’s blood […]

I’ll Keep It Light, Thanks.

I write in unrealistic genres — science fiction and urban fantasy being my favorites, though I’ve been playing with more traditional fantasy as well. I like a good touch of romance and bittersweet endings. What it comes down to is that there’s enough realism in real life, thank you very much. It sounds immature. In […]

The Genre Protocol

  The witness will take the stand. Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth, so help you God? I will. Please say “I do.” I do. Be seated. Mr. Arnett you’re testifying today about your preferred genre. Do you understand your rights as they have been explained to you? Thank you, your […]

Tales of a Genre Orphan

Okay, here’s the thing about genre: I don’t know where I fit. The first novel I ever wrote . . . (well, let’s be honest, it was the first novel I tried to write) was a terrible science fiction story about a civil war between the Earth and the moon. It was amazingly awful and […]

Backwards, Forwards

Disclaimer: Given I’m always late on my submissions, I get to peek to see what everyone else is doing during the weekly assignments. I see that many folks are looking at all of the various assignments and weighing in on the entire body of work that is Confabulator. I, however, originally thought the question posed […]