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Writer Resource Links

Over the past week, the Confabulators have shared their favorite web resources they use for writing. Below you will find all of the links collected in one place for one wicked list of writing tools. Also, keep an eye out here at the Cafe. We’ll be creating a web resources page with this information for […]

What’s Wrong With Asking the Crowd?

When I was in library school, about half an Internet generation ago [0], we were warned, very specifically and repeatedly, against relying on Google or Wikipedia or any other online resource authored by “non-authoritarian” sources. Instead, we were directed toward proprietary academic and professional databases— EDGAR, Dialog, Lexus/Nexus, Westlaw, and the like. I chalked up […]

Math and iPads and other web tricks

When it comes to the Internet, I admit it.  I’m a Wikipedia whore. Yup.  Ever since that monumental study came out revealing that Wikipedia was no more error-prone than Encyclopedia Britannica, with far more detailed information about every single season of Star Trek, I have used the great crowd sourcing marvel for everything from quick […]