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Not Actually Very Funny At All

Terry is a Joke. And a bad one, too. But Terry is bringing home a new roll of Certs from the Kwik Shop because he is going to help Amanda find a new job. His breath must smell better than normal so that she won’t send him away when he opens his mouth. On his […]

Awkward Silences

‘I am so tired of disappointing you.” “Why do you think that?” “The way you look at me, I can tell.” He jingled the change in his hand. Nervous habit. She looked at him and laughed, a forced kind of laugh. “I didn’t know you were such an expert in body language.” Then she gave […]

The Apothecary’s Help

The human girl was getting annoying. She had been dithering in front of the stall without actually buying anything for half an hour, and I was beginning to seriously get tired of her. Collins looked even more harassed, but still managed to be polite as the girl leaned far over the counter and batted her eyes […]

Collections Hell

To: mathew.logan@soulnet.org From: collections@hellnet.org Dear Matthew Logan, I am writing to inform you that your grace period of 15 years, as previously agreed upon by both parties, is coming to a close. On September 30, 2016 your fee of the energy from one human soul, hereafter known as your immortal soul, will be due. On […]