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Not Actually Very Funny At All

Terry is a Joke. And a bad one, too. But Terry is bringing home a new roll of Certs from the Kwik Shop because he is going to help Amanda find a new job. His breath must smell better than normal so that she won’t send him away when he opens his mouth. On his […]

Awkward Silences

‘I am so tired of disappointing you.” “Why do you think that?” “The way you look at me, I can tell.” He jingled the change in his hand. Nervous habit. She looked at him and laughed, a forced kind of laugh. “I didn’t know you were such an expert in body language.” Then she gave […]

Collections Hell

To: mathew.logan@soulnet.org From: collections@hellnet.org Dear Matthew Logan, I am writing to inform you that your grace period of 15 years, as previously agreed upon by both parties, is coming to a close. On September 30, 2016 your fee of the energy from one human soul, hereafter known as your immortal soul, will be due. On […]