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Witch Way (A Witch’s Daughter #2)

I’m not lazy, I just do things in my own time. I had every intention of doing as the Hags asked, but I’d nearly reached my wits end with them, so they were just going to have to wait for me to run my errand first. “Don’t be too long, Rachel. You know we need […]

The Real Boy

Dessie waited behind the curtain while the audience clapped. They cheered loudly, erratically, and some members sobbed. She smiled. Preschool audiences always made her smile. She threw open the curtain and had her puppets bow one by one. When she herself finally stood, the children swarmed her. They asked questions, told her their favorite kind […]

A House with Many Doors

Falling asleep in a library can be a dangerous thing. Time warps as you drown within a sea of imagination. The dreams and musings of thousands of your fellow human beings surround you, whispering “Read me.” Lay your ear upon the cover and maybe you can hear it. Or maybe–if you don’t watch yourself–you will […]

Missing Days

I sat at the edge of the forest in a pile of torn clothing and howled. Long moments of silence answered my call and then, in the distance, I heard a response. I felt heat rush through my body, burning away the foggy haze that surrounded me since awakening.  A sense of belonging settled over […]

The Last Sunny Day

This morning. It was the first sunny day they’d had in weeks. The gray clouds evaporated in the night and the Spring sunshine was finally able to warm the day. Nina’s mood soared as she woke up to the glorious feeling of the sunlight in her eyes. It arrived just in the nick of time […]