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Writers Are Thieves

Nothing anyone says is safe in my house. Not only do we have two writers, we also have a teenage daughter who will take the most offhand remark, laugh maniacally, then immediately post it without explanation or context on her Facebook page. (The Boy is pretty safe. He’s a musician and deals more with musical […]


One of my dearest writing friends, Jack Campbell, Jr., told me once that there is nothing fictional about fiction. “Fiction is just a distortion of our dreams and nightmares.” Every plot, every character, every snippet of dialog contains a part of me. If you were to dissect everything I had ever written and put it […]

You wouldn’t know me from my writing

For years, I heard my writing teachers telling me to put more of my own experiences into my writing. I’ll be honest with you, though. My life was pretty boring. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to read about me. I don’t like writing about real life. I prefer the odd, the strange, and […]

Real Life and Writing (Week of 16 April 2012)

It’s rare that a writer’s only job is to write stories for our entertainment. Certainly the big names do, and several mid-list authors are able to make that leap into being a full-time writer. We baristas here at the Cafe are writers, but we have other occupations, too. One of the benefits to working out […]