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The Wandering Library

“If you don’t tell me where the library is, I’m gonna shoot you in the head.” Azalee cocked her shotgun and leveled it at the man’s face. Her stance was menacing, but her tone was bored. Of all the damn bounties, why had she been assigned a damn library? Road warriors were supposed to take […]

The 34-Year Harvest

The old farmhouse survived the second alien harvest. Kate wanted to make sure it survived the third one. The 17-year anniversary was coming up and Kate sat at a dining room table covered in materials scrounged to make shells for her father’s shotgun. She always thought of it as her father’s shotgun instead of hers, […]


The notice screen lit up, filling their darkened bedroom with a soft blue hue. Quinn ignored it. They had drawn the blinds the night before, when they stumbled into bed exhausted after Quinn had cried, not for the first time, on the anniversary of his mother’s death. He had every intention of sleeping as long […]


Sweat stung Trish’s eyes and she scrubbed her face with the hem of her threadbare shirt. When the shirt was new, it stretched taught over her soft belly. Now it hung limply and revealed the hollowed dimples of her ribcage as she lifted it. “Why’s it called the Library?” Susannah’s youthful tones cut through the […]

April Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

While the Confabulator Cafe is a virtual place, a handful of the writers for the Cafe live in Kansas. We’ve been having some strange weather lately. Fires, snow, tornadoes, and eighty-degree afternoons when it was below thirty in the morning. The old saying that if you don’t like the weather in Kansas just wait five […]