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NaNoWriMo #6 part one

[Looks around.] Um, hi. It’s nice to be back. Been a while. How are you all doing? So yesterday I started my sixth NaNoWriMo story in six years. I’ve won every year I’ve played but twice I didn’t actually ‘finish’ the novels I was writing. The first one (my third novel) just kind of petered […]

A View from a Park Bench

Imagine a story as a living, breathing planet. A lot of people live on it, and each one has his or her own perception of life. Everyone sees everything differently. In theory, every story has just as many perspectives. How do you know which one is important? There are a lot of things to consider, […]

A Shelf of Possibility

  (Rolls d20) Eighteen. Damn. That means I have to write this post in the first person. What’s really important when I’m choosing which story to write is how best to tell it. Whose Point of View is most important? Is that character reliable enough or not to tell the story? Because if not, that […]