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Psychic Call

Ann-Marie felt a disturbance in her psychic aura. A moment later, the phone rang. She let it ring through to voicemail as she waited for the electrical waves to clear so that she could continue her reading uninterrupted. “I did warn you that now was not the best time for your reading,” the psychic told […]

Responsibility of Blood

Alicia fastened her seat belt and took deep breaths to calm herself as John, her newly wedded husband pulled out onto the highway pushed the speed limit. Instead of heading north to start hiking part of the Appalachian trail, the honeymoon as they’d planned for the past year, they drove south. She closed her eyes […]

Microbe Mike

It was 2 am when I picked up the ringing phone. “We need you again,” said the voice on the other end. They needed me all the time. I got up from my warm hospital bed, pulled on yesterdays’ scrubs (they weren’t too bad yet), and shuffled down the quarantined half of the hallway.