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In a Better World

“Calling it. 7:38 AM for model AI-287B-017 – fatal error. Initiating shutdown procedures.” “No way,” Carter said, rolling his chair across the room, peering close at the shiny screen. Jones was always little too trigger-happy when it came to Shutdown. “Where?” “There,” Jones said, gesturing to a pulsating red frequency bar. “Inevitable resource overload.” The […]

The Stylist

“Nice costume!” The words flung themselves at me, punctuated with mocking laughter. This was not a costume party. I was not in costume. It was these children in their colorful suits and paisley prints and patterns stacked on top of patterns who were in costume. “How do you do it?” I asked the only person […]

Why the Willow Weeps

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a Princess. The Princess thought that she was a very ordinary girl, but she had a magic about her. Not only was she smart, beautiful, and strong-willed, she was also amazingly kind-hearted. Everyone she met instantly felt the warmth she exuded and fell in […]