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Rewriting the Past

I have a soft spot for ancient civilizations. I find their history fascinating. If money and time were not an issue, I would learn as much as I could about these ancient civilizations and write texts about them. Is this strictly non-fiction? No. One of the reasons I love ancient history so much is because […]

Depressing Non-fiction

I have a short attention span when it comes to non-fiction. I feel like I could tackle just about any non-fiction topic, but then I remind myself that it’s probably impossible for me to write a whole book about anything. I love to do research for my novels, but to write a whole non-fiction book, […]

Literature and History

It was just a few years ago that I was writing non-fiction every month for school. Throughout my college experience, I was enrolled in several high-level English classes which often required study and commentary on works of literature. One of my favorite assignments was the analytical research paper. I enjoy arguing and a research paper […]

An Assembly of Greys

Sometimes, I wonder if there is such a thing as non-fiction. A professor of creative writing at Iowa State used to tell the story of a non-fiction class she taught. She had a student whose insane life kept her captivated throughout the semester. He was the son of a single mother and a man who […]

Keeping It Real (week of 27 January 2013)

If you’ve been around the Cafe, you know that we like to tell stories. Here’s a bit from the Wikipedia entry on ‘confabulation’: Confabulation is considered “honest lying,” but is distinct from lying because there is typically no intent to deceive and the individual is unaware that their information is false. So you can see we stretched […]