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Surviving Another Week

Wow, a lot has happened in a week. I celebrated my birthday with friends on Friday. Then pulled two 3k writing days. Yesterday I spent the day curled up in bed battling some sort of stomach bug. I’ll spare you the details, but safe to say it was pretty gross. I’ve been hovering around or […]

Week 1: What the Hell?! I’m behind already?!

They call me the Terminator. It could be that when wearing sunglasses, I bear a slight resemblance to Schwarzenegger. God knows that we have the same muscular build that simultaneously inspires and intimidates. Well–that’s not true. They call me that because I sit and write without distraction. I always push forward, and I never miss […]

On Using NaNoWriMo as Intended

Welcome to the dawn of day four (of NaNoWriMo), and a new liveblogger! (Not new. You know me. I’ve been here forever.) Since you haven’t met my novel yet, let me start you off there: There are a lot of things to say about the challenges of writing a story set in 1914 in a city […]

Starting Out Strong

Hello! Welcome to day three of NaNo. Everything’s going well so far. However, I’ve spent far too much time looking up one random fact or another that I think I might have to throw in the towel and admit I shouldn’t be a pantser. Then again, I think even if I better planned my novel, […]