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You Influence Me, You Really Influence Me

Everything I see, everything I do, eat, touch, and hear influences my writing in some way. Television gives me an idea of what works and what doesn’t in character reactions and motivations. Sometimes If I can figure out within the first five minutes of a show who the murderer is, maybe something went wrong in […]


Just as writers get ideas from all around us, we also are influenced by everything we come into contact with. I dedicated a portion of my own personal blog entries to this phenomenon, which I affectionately call the Input/Output modes. Anything we take in inevitably affects what comes out. As a writer, I talk a […]

Sing Me A Song, Mr. Writer Man

When it comes to these blog entries, I feel like I spend a lot of time avoiding answering the question, or I at least take a boxer’s stick-and-move approach to the week’s topic. This time though, I’m going to answer it straight up . . . maybe. We’ll see how it goes. As far as non-literary […]

Other Media Influences (Week of 27 February 2012)

We’ve talked about our writing influences and heroes quite a bit here at the cafe. We do that because they’re important to us, they shape us and how we write. Being a confabulator of any kind means being the sum total of everything that one has read, watched, heard, touched and tasted. Have you read […]

Close Enough for Rock & Roll

I have self-published music, comics and my writing. I am not wealthy as a result of it, but I am better for having made the attempts. These attempts were made with the best of intentions but with little heed for what was actually wrong with each of them. We had no producer for the music […]