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Fall Interrupted

Never start with the weather.  It is trite to use the fancy word, but it really is just that.  Trite.  Never start a story with the weather.  So let us ignore the obvious, the fact that as I sit here pathetic and pathetic and still pathetic, something inside me metaphorically dying, the world maybe dying […]

Picture Perfect

Meet us at the place where the wheat grows at the hour closest to the sun if you ever want to see her again. Matilda massaged the bridge of her nose, her eyes squeezed shut. Sure enough, when she opened them again, the text was still there. She tapped a message on the screen. I’m […]

The Mysterious Case of the Picture Box

Of the many odd things I have seen, one of the strangest is a certain habit I discovered during my visit to the people of the New Land. When I first arrived in the hotel I was staying at, I saw nothing amiss. Everyone there was quite pleasant, and aside from a couple incidents while […]


Delos and his family sat around the kitchen table. Morning sun glinted off the polished tiles. He didn’t notice that neither his daughter nor his wife had eaten anything. Caroline cried while her mother stared at Delos. Oblivious to their distress, Delos wiped his mouth with the blue linen napkin from his lap. “Time to […]

Swagger and Sway

I didn’t know I was bagging a sorceress’s groceries. First of all, I didn’t know sorceresses bought groceries. I mean, I guess they had to eat, too. Second, the groceries looked normal. Eggs, celery, cucumbers, mayonnaise, one gossip magazine, and twelve boxes of anise tea. Well mostly normal. But the real reason I didn’t know […]