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Lisa West and the Goat

Lisa West was used to receiving odd messages. Running a 24-hour bakery brought that kind of thing to her. Well, that and her moonlighting career as a spy. Not a detective. She was pretty sure you needed a license for that and she hated the imagery of teenage heroines hunting ghosts. She’d discovered last year […]

What Happened to the Goat

Horace looked at his phone with a frown, flipping back through the last few messages. “Is that a goat? Who the hell steals a goat?” the recipient had sent. “Time is running out.” he had sent back, going for menacing to get whoever was on the receiving end’s ass in gear. “Sorry. Wrong number,” had […]

The Monster Next Door

I heard a tip about a werewolf but don’t have time to follow up. You want it? Marlene chewed on her thumbnail as she stared at the text message. In the four minutes since it had arrived she had written out several different replies, and deleted each. “Do you think I’m ready?” sounded too weak. […]

Alexandra’s Awakening

The minute Alexandra Underwood walked through the front door she was confronted with the sight of her mother sitting at the dining room table with folded arms. Alex couldn’t help but wonder just how long she had been sitting there, waiting to pounce. She slowly lowered her books to the floor as if by some […]

Lessone the Firste

“Magick is Intention and Power directed through Focus toward Result— Focus being the Artefact and the Worde.” — Lessone the Firste ********** “Morning Quinn! How’s the world treating you today?” “Just fine, Sam. How are you?” “Dandy. Just dandy. Do you have any phones, cameras, or data storage devices on your person?” Sam recited the […]