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Blood is Thicker than Water

I couldn’t hear the blood-magicker approaching, but I knew she was there. I cowered back in the little corner made by a building that jutted farther into the alley than its neighbors. I could feel the rough stones against my back as I clutched my tattered knapsack against my chest and drew my knees up. […]

The Apothecary’s Help

The human girl was getting annoying. She had been dithering in front of the stall without actually buying anything for half an hour, and I was beginning to seriously get tired of her. Collins looked even more harassed, but still managed to be polite as the girl leaned far over the counter and batted her eyes […]

Blood Bond

The black S shaped mark on her arm gleamed like obsidian as she ran water over her hands. Mienka put the last dish away and sighed, drying her hands as she turned away from the sink. Vailan watched her from the table, his chubby baby face breaking into a smile as she walked over and […]