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In Search Of…

Investigations are part and parcel of being a creative person especially a fiction writer. Something triggers a thought and that leads to one thing, which leads to another and likely to another. But what’s the trigger? A piece of conversation. A throwaway line of dialogue in a film. A song lyric. The way a sunbeam […]

Out of Time

Library/Secret Room — 1968 Madge was not impressed with the pink, aluminum Christmas tree in the library. Stella seemed to think it was the height of fashion and that their employers had remarkable taste. Madge preferred real trees that grew from soil, not some factory in Wisconsin. She plucked at the cold metal needles and […]

Grist for the Mill

One of my favorite professors in library school believed that a good librarian had knowledge a mile wide and an inch deep. He gave us the following advice. The next time you go to the library (and if you’re like most Confabulators, your library card is burning a hole in your pocket pretty much most […]

Blitzkrieg! (followed by inevitable Hibernation)

Writing fiction has, for the most part, been a seasonal occupation for me, centered around the month of November when NaNoWriMo happens. During the month of November, I churn out something between 50,000 – 80,000 words. Sometimes that effort spills into December, and this year that effort has spilled into January (I should probably admit […]