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Some hobbies just don’t translate…

Some hobbies translate better to writing than others. For instance, my grandmother attempted to teach me to knit at various stages of my life with varying success. When I went off to college, it finally stuck. When I was writing my last novel, I thought it would be useful to have my character be able […]

Hobbies, Work, and Process

On this week’s theme, I wouldn’t say that I seek out new hobbies through writing. Rather, writing informs my extracurriculars, and my extracurriculars inform my writing.  Side note:  Labeling any productive activity as a “hobby” is a  loaded observation. I consider hobbies to be the things we really care about that capitalism simultaneously tries to […]

The Unfaithful Hobbyist

My number one hobby is writing. The rest are really all just to inform my writing, if I’m frank. I have commitment issues when it comes to other hobbies. I pick up a bunch of hobbies long enough to learn about them but never master them, then move on to the next thing. I love […]

Are You Experienced? (Week Ending June 9)

The old adage for writers states that we should write what we know. But how many of us actually put that to use? This week, the Confabulator Cafe is asking its writers to talk about experience and how it informs or influences their writing. Some writers live for new experiences. Others write what we can’t […]