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Confidence: It’s a Friend Thing

I’m a guy who’s never been good at making friends. It’s not that I’m a hermit, though my family has speculated as much. And I honestly enjoy the company of others. In the past year, I’ve discovered that I’m actually quite fond of people. Who knew? But what has always tripped me up in the […]

A World of Support

I have always been incredibly fortunate when it has come to friends, family, and significant others and my writing. I have never once run into someone who said I couldn’t do it. I’m not sure my family, my Mom especially, ever really understood my drive to write, but they’ve always encouraged me. We’re a family […]

Behind every good writer…

I’ve been a lucky writer. I’ve enjoyed a large amount of support from friends and family. In fact, I have never known anyone who was not supportive of my writing.  Even family and acquaintances who don’t read my particular style, or don’t understand or appreciate some of the things I have written are supportive of […]