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The Shadow Thief

Their feet came down on creaking floorboards. Broken glass, from their clumsy break-in, scattered across the floor and crunched under foot. Screeches echoed through the corridor and pierced through Philippa’s body until her blood ran cold. “Here! In here,” Jensen shouted above the noise and grabbed her arm and yanked her into a room with […]

Morning Girl

“Hey, did you see where – never mind, found it.”  He continued the bustle of the morning, each morning was the same.  Wake up just a bit later than he should and live in shame of her sad look down at him.  She was always awake in the mornings and reminded him too often that he should […]

Maybe While I’m Asleep

Once upon a time, the story of Sleeping Beauty ruined my life. I get that the fairy was just trying to do a good thing, making the entire kingdom fall asleep while the princess was cursed so she wouldn’t have to wake up alone, but leave it to royalty to never consider the little guy. […]

The Promise of Running Water

The aged wood creaked beneath Tasha’s feet as she peered through the dusty windowpane into the dark interior. Nothing. This was the last window she could check and she hadn’t seen even the slightest sign of life. Either it really was abandoned or they were hiding out upstairs. She retreated to the steps of the […]

February Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

We hope you enjoyed leftover month at the Cafe. Now that we’re firmly into 2016, we’re all back in action and ready to write new fiction based on brand-new prompts. This month, our prompt was a fill-in-the-blank line. The line was: “There’s no ___ in this house. This probably won’t end well.” Some chose to […]