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Steampunk and Sea Monsters

I wrote this story for the Story In A Bag contest at ConQuest last year. For the contest, you pull index cards from five different paper bags (plot, character, item, first line, and setting) and you have one hour to compose a story that uses all five elements. This story won me the contest last […]

I’ll Keep It Light, Thanks.

I write in unrealistic genres — science fiction and urban fantasy being my favorites, though I’ve been playing with more traditional fantasy as well. I like a good touch of romance and bittersweet endings. What it comes down to is that there’s enough realism in real life, thank you very much. It sounds immature. In […]

Heroes and Villains

When people ask me what I write, it’s not easy for me to give a simple answer. I’m a writer, and I write short stories, novels and even a little poetry. I’ve written in a number of genres, including contemporary fiction. And though most of my writing falls into the fantasy genre, most people upon […]

Learning to Dream, One Book at a Time

The books I read as a child and teenager shaped my perception of the world and molded me into who I am today. From those books I learned friendship. I learned to dream. I learned love. I learned sorrow. I learned happiness. I learned that no matter what happens, as long as there are still […]