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The Sea and the Sky

“She’s ready for takeoff,” said Germaine, Tony’s flight instructor. He motioned toward the waiting Cessna. “What, already?” Tony’s voice cracked a little. Apparently some of Martha’s fear of flying had rubbed off on him over the years. Germaine laughed at him. “I’ll be right next to you you at the controls. It’s okay to be […]

The Cat Came Back

My cell phone rang at two minutes of four in the morning. I swiped my thumb across the green ‘answer’ button, put the phone to my ear and grunted. “Meow?” came the reply. It was my cat. “Waffles?” I cleared my throat and sat up. I hadn’t heard from my cat in two months. “Meow.” […]


“I guess you know by now we’re leaving,” he says, tears freely falling down his face. My son, barely twelve years old, stands on a step-stool in front of a bookshelf full of knickknacks, a frayed yo-yo in his hands that he fiddles with, rolling it up and letting it fall before rolling it up […]

Parade Violation

Shaun wasn’t normally a guy who carried around a lot of hate in his heart, but after the day he was having, he found he had plenty of room for a little want-to-kick-his-ass. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, Shaun saw his brother’s suitcase by the door. He took it as a good sign. Maybe […]

A Bright Spot in the Darkness

I am something of a holiday junky: I enthusiastically celebrate them all. But I really love Christmas. I am one of those people that everyone hates who starts listening to Christmas music the second Thanksgiving is over. I fight with myself every year to wait until the first day of December to put up lights […]