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The Sleeping Strategy

“Well, the sign confirms it,” Bolero said, walking back over to where Nerek was standing. “It’s the old puzzle where one door is certain death, and one door is the treasure. One guard only lies, and one guard only tells the truth. You only get one question.” Nerek let out a deep sigh. When he’d […]

The Cat Came Back

My cell phone rang at two minutes of four in the morning. I swiped my thumb across the green ‘answer’ button, put the phone to my ear and grunted. “Meow?” came the reply. It was my cat. “Waffles?” I cleared my throat and sat up. I hadn’t heard from my cat in two months. “Meow.” […]

The Waves Greet Us Home (Flash Fiction)

Dr. Koldun’s office is like a living room, decorated with wide windows and soft lights. The other patients in the waiting room are a mixture of gorgeous and unfortunate. Every one of them stares down at a phone or book, utterly oblivious to her curious glances. What brings them to this place? “Muirgen Brady?” Gen […]

Broken Contract

Zhoq threw the switch which closed with a bang. The last of the couplings hummed to life and magnetically locked into place. “All right,” he said, shielding his eyes, “let ‘em know we’re good, Beanie.” The mooring cable connected to the coupling extended as far as he could see and was as big around as […]