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Without a Notebook

Some people have notebooks they fill with quotes, ones from celebrities, political figures, other writers, even their moms. I’m not one of those people. While I might be momentarily inspired by something I read or hear, it is not lasting. Going back to the same words of encouragement do nothing for me. I generally find […]

Oh Dear. Another Learning Experience

When we started the Confabulator Cafe a year ago, I was the rebel. I was going to be the one writer posting from the nonfiction perspective. After all, I am a nonfiction writer, it’s been buttering my bread for many years. In fact, looking back at my posts, there’s even one in which I pretentiously […]

Gifts for Writers

What about a $35,000 fountain pen? No? I will be the first to admit that I am not hugely excited by receiving gifts. Unless a gift is very useful or has a particular deep meaning for me, your basic gift shop tchotchke is just another goddamn thing I have to keep, use, display, maintain, clean, […]


I began my long-form writing efforts early in my career as a college-level educator. I am very fortunate: my job provides me with ample extra-curricular time, and my wife and I take full advantage of our situation by traveling to interesting places every year. I’ve traveled all over the United States, including most of the […]

Are You Experienced? (Week Ending June 9)

The old adage for writers states that we should write what we know. But how many of us actually put that to use? This week, the Confabulator Cafe is asking its writers to talk about experience and how it informs or influences their writing. Some writers live for new experiences. Others write what we can’t […]