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Writers & Exercise

There seems to be some evidence that people sit too much. Well, that’s some low-hanging fruit there, but it’s true and it’s something that we don’t think about. When we’re in the car we don’t think “I’m sitting down”, we think “I’m heading somewhere”. Or something like that. I’m here to tell you that I spent […]

Hitting the Reset Button

“Butt in chair, fingers on keys.” I don’t know who said that first and I guess it doesn’t really matter. It’s true. It’s how I have motivated myself to spend the time I need to writing. My Twitter feed tends to be filled with people who are also writing stories and when I’m distracted from […]

Get Out of the House

Us writerly-types like to hole up with a keyboard and bang away at a story. It’s the rare genius who can do only that and be successful. It’s my experience that a number of writerly-types aren’t terribly social people, either. This isn’t necessarily good or bad nor is it something that should be worried about. […]

Storyteller’s Vagary

Q: How does an idea get developed? A: In the dark with another idea rubbing up against it. Q: How does an idea get developed? A: One thought plus one notion equals One Idea. Take three or four Ideas, apply Heat and alchemically a story appears in the mist. Q: How does an idea get […]