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Ephemera – Will You Edit your NaNo Novel?

This past week, the Wrimos said their final words on their Nanowrimo adventures for 2012. Words were written, lessons were learned, sleep was missed out on, and way too much caffeine and junk food was consumed – even if it wasn’t for Nano. For one last summary on the experience (and then we’re back to […]

What conventionally normal thing creeps you out?

Carnivals are supposed to be fun, clowns funny, animals cute, roller coasters thrilling, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we have irrational fears of things that, by normal standards, are not considered scary. After writing our carnival stories this week, we asked the Confabulators what seemingly normal thing creeps us out. Ashley M. Poland Carnivals and […]

Are you ever jealous of other writers?

The relationships we writers build with each other are very important to us. We provide a¬†camaraderie¬†and a support structure for each other that we all benefit from. That being said, sometimes our fellow writers are successful while we’re still waiting for a break, or they are able to do things in their writing or editing […]

Who is your favorite character you’ve written?

I hope you enjoyed all of the character interviews this week. Some characters are charismatic enough that they are excellent interview candidates, however that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a writer’s favorite. If you had to pick your favorite character of all time, how hard would that be? Nearly impossible, right? Well, imagine how difficult […]

Who has been the biggest supporter of your writing?

Writing can be a grueling, difficult occupation or even hobby, and writers tend to be somewhat insecure at best. We need the support and encouragement of our friends and family, as well as complete strangers. As you’ve read over the past week, most of us have been fortunate enough to have a strong support structure. […]