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The NaNoWriMo Postgame Report

Brought to you by: Caffeine and Sugar: the fuel of frenetic and writers everywhere. Caffeine and Sugar bring the inspiration! Enough of that silliness. Can you tell I’m a little slap-happy? Oh, boy, was this an interesting NaNoWriMo. Let’s start with this bit from a post on my blog: I let it sit for a […]

The Intermission After ‘Winning’

Since last we met, I haven’t written one word on my NaNoWriMo novel. Not one. I’ve been thinking about it, working out some story problems and I sure haven’t been sitting on my hands. Instead, I went back and started editing (again!) and revising last year’s novel for passive-voice verbiage. Hoo boy. That’s been a […]

Forgive me, Padre

Forgive me, Padres, for I have sinned. And I will continue to sin, throughout the month of November. My confession? I edit. During NaNoWriMo. I edit every single day. Sometimes more than once. I probably spend as much time editing during November as I do writing. There. I said it. Now, let me explain. (shh, […]

The Un-NaNo Solution

By the time this gets posted, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) will have begun. But not for me. Last year was my second attempt at NaNoWriMo. After failing the first year, I met 2011 with determination and attacked NaNo with gusto. I took a full week off of work at the start. I hit it […]