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Looking for a Christmas Drinking Buddy

Merry Christmas? Why the hell are you reading this? Go spend time with your family! Unless you’re like me and alone for the holidays. Wow. That was depressing. Sorry. But then, if you’re sneaking on the internet when you should be having Christmas brunch with your parents, you deserve it. If you’re sitting by yourself, […]

A Bright Spot in the Darkness

I am something of a holiday junky: I enthusiastically celebrate them all. But I really love Christmas. I am one of those people that everyone hates who starts listening to Christmas music the second Thanksgiving is over. I fight with myself every year to wait until the first day of December to put up lights […]

Holiday Happenings (Week Ending Dec. 29)

As you are probably well aware (unless you’re reading this from some cave far removed from civilization), Christmas is celebrated in much of the world this week. Here in America, our holiday season begins with Thanksgiving in November and doesn’t end until the New Year next week. The holiday season means different things to different […]

Saint Nick o’ Time

Living Room — Christmas Eve, 1980 I sweep my flashlight across the bounty of gift-wrapped packages, searching for one particular box. I’m careful not to step on the squeaky floor boards next to the tree. I know each of them by heart. I pick up boxes, checking labels, gauging weight and size. I’m careful to put […]