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What Makes us Confabulators

When we embarked upon this experiment a year ago, I’m not sure any of us were sure exactly what we were doing, or where we were going. The Cafe has evolved a lot since then, and we continue to define what it is we do with every assignment. I’ve learned something new about myself and […]

Everything In Its Place

Full name and designation, please. Former Civil Security Special Agent Benjamin Delaney Hardin, ID 90581. How has civilian life been treating you, Benjamin? I imagine it would be a lot nicer outside a cell, but beggars can’t be choosers, can they? Not when my other options are death or — ah, a rather forceful debriefing. […]

Jimmy Cavanaugh

The following is a translated transcript of The Overnight Show originating from the Buntoohn Room on level 343 of Kunwaq Station.  Content is approved for dissemination by Conclave Order BX/J5873.   GIXO: Welcome back, gentlebeings. Our first guest tonight is a Peregrinator, one of those who can move easily between the ‘branes as well as […]

Hero of Light

This week at Hero Hypertext, we’re having a live chat with veteran superhero Candela, and discussing her new book, Learning to Fly: a memoir, which comes out next week. Hero Hypertext: As they say on television, our guest needs no introduction. Everyone in New Chicago is familiar with her. She’s saved the city more times than anyone […]