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Bronzing the Imagination

Okay, I’m going to say what all the other Confabulators have either hinted at in emails to me or allowed to go unsaid on their blogs: this week’s topic was frustratingly hard to write. That is, until I understood the question (link to This Week’s topic blog post). It doesn’t take much to put a […]

Who are you and what do you want?: Developing characters and finishing what I start

Back when I never finished anything, I used to just give my characters a name and a situation and watch the ‘fun’. But it wasn’t enough, I cannot be pantsless (See Confabulator Ted Boone’s Pants are optional. Plans are not. | Confabulator Cafe.) and I never finished anything! And it wasn’t all that fun, either.  […]

I Hate You! Please Hang Out with Me.

Hard truth here: I freaking HATE my characters.  And not just the current batch either.  I’m talking all of them. Now before you get all judgmental, hear me out.  Your characters are not your friends.  They are lazy, needy little bitches who expect you to do all the heavy lifting.  I, for one, am tired […]