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Care Enough Not to Care

For the first couple years I was in college, I spent the summers working at my hometown newspaper. It was a small weekly publication, and it introduced me to deadlines, editing, and how much I didn’t know about writing. It was a great experience, and I seriously considered not going back to college after that […]

Because shut up, that’s why!

Every time I try discussing the issue of censorship with people they always bring up the same argument: “Some things aren’t appropriate for kids!” So let’s get that out of the way right now. 1) Yes, children should be exposed primarily to age-appropriate material. 2) #1 is no excuse for watering down material intended for […]

Free expression, not oppression

Freedom of the press is one of the seven wonders of America*.  As far as my understanding goes, our national belief in freedom of speech and of the press is one of the few beliefs that still unites our imagined national community, one of the few things that Americans of all political persuasions hold sacred. […]

It’s None of Your Business!!!

Censorship is a double-edged sword. There are several books on the banned books list that I’ve read simply because they were banned whereas I’ve never decided not to read a book because somebody else banned it. I never really paid attention to what book was and was not banned. For most of my life, the […]

Who Moved My Book?

It bothers me that the year is now 2012 and book-banning is still a topic of conversation. Shouldn’t we, as a society, have moved past this by now? We have not. And as long as we have individual thinkers, censorship will exist. There will never be a time when everyone agrees on everything. For most […]