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Carnival of Riddles (Flash Fiction)

Benny stood over the disemboweled body, his facial expression unchanged. “Sonofabitch,” he said. He backed up against the flimsy structure of the milk-bottle toss, making the booth shake. “Hey,” Syd yelled from the other side. “Watch it!” Benny peered around the corner at Syd and signaled him to come over. “Problem?” Syd flipped his sign […]

Midway Mark (Flash Fiction)

I remember the last time we thought she was dying. We had gathered there in the small, curtained hospital room, a place devoid of both privacy and hope. We’d taken turns kissing her cheeks for good luck, a small mercy suggested by one of the nurses. We’d said goodbye without speaking the words because the […]

Calliope (Flash Fiction)

The calliope sang, and the dark child wept. The steam-powered notes taunted him through the dirt-hazed glass of the attic window, as he stared into the suburban abyss. A spinning Skittles rainbow of twinkling Ferris wheel lights teased him. The dark child retreated to the shadows. The thick hair of his back itched against insulation. Tears fell […]